#21 Why sourcehut ? 1 year, 7 months ago

Ticket created by ~rene-coty on ~fabrixxm/confy

I like the concept of your app very much, and as I often spend time to contribute in translating applications for the GNOME Project, I wanted to create a French translation for your app. The problem is I find sourcehut not very convenient to use, e.g. on GitHub or GitLab I just create a fork, then clone it on my computer, commit changes and create a merge request when the translation is done; but here on sourcehut it seems to work differently and the UI is very very austere.. So I would be pleased to help with translations but I don't know how to proceed :/ This mays also happen with other contributors / translators who will encounter difficulties to contribute to the code. A solution could be migrating to GitHub or Gitlab which are a lot more practicle to use (but I suppose you won't because you may be using sourcehut for a good reason that I am not aware of), or simply add more instructions for translators like me :) who would like to help but don't know how, or even create a Weblate project for the translation part...