bug? wrong message file paths when using notmuch backend

When trying to use the notmuch backend with separate database and maildir paths, message files are found as paths are created incorrectly. My account.conf reads

source = notmuch:///path/to/database
from = my@ema.il
query-map = /path/to/query_map
default = inbox
maildir-store = /path/to/maildir

Folder view says “unable to fetch header” in each row, when trying to open a message the error is

could not get MessageInfo: open /path/to/database/relative_path/to/message_file: no such file or directory

In other words, the message paths are apparently constructed by taking the path given in source and then concatenating the relative path to the message. That last path is relative to maildir-store, however. My notmuch is correctly configured, i.e. issuing notmuch search --output=files <query> yields the correct paths to the message files.

Maybe this is a configuration error on my side, but if so I don't see it.

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26 days ago
10 days ago
bug notmuch

~herrsimon 26 days ago

followup: when placing a symlink to my notmuch database directory with the name .notmuch in my maildir and then specifying the maildir as source, everything works perfectly, so I guess this indeed is a bug.

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