access to more headers of original message in templates

It would be nice if templates would have access to the To, Cc and Subject headers of the original message when replying or forwarding.

Background: I use my own mail domain with a catchall account and frequently give out emails of the form otherdomain@mydoma.in. When forwarding or replying to such an email, I would like to copy the To or Cc header of the original message to the From header of the reply.

On IRC, doing this via alias globbing was proposed. As there are also some real email accounts at mydoma.in, specifying *@mydoma.in as an alias would not be enough. For example, when replying to an email sent to my father (dad@mydoma.in) with me (me@mydoma.in) in Cc should take the From header from Cc instead of To when replying. Therefore, one would at least need to specify a regular expression as an alias. From my point of view, this adds too much complexity, while extending available template fields is a trivial change.

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4 months ago
18 hours ago

~ferdinandyb a month ago

Just adding a note, that the "templates everywhere" patch series https://lists.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc-devel/patches/38674 should take care of this.

~rjarry REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 18 hours ago

Fixed by ~rjarry in commit d758441fe0c4d.

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