Configure items shown on compose::review screen

Posting this here following dicussion on IRC:

It would be nice to configure what is shown on the review screen, including order and help text. This would require a config entry that is either a list of lists or a map. Thus this ticket is pending until change to toml config.

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1 year, 2 months ago
11 days ago
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~ferdinandyb 10 months ago

I think we can safely say toml is not going tk happen any time soon. On the other hand, this could be achieved by a similar config setup as the new index-format.

~ferdinandyb 7 months ago

I could also imagine this as an external file, like the notmuch query maps or the folder maps.

~ferdinandyb a month ago*

Quoting Robin (and no, there are no plans to switch from ini):

you can do a map in regular ini:

key = value

~rjarry REPORTED FIXED 11 days ago

Koni Marti referenced this ticket in commit 64502d9.

~skejg 11 days ago

~rjarry, speaking of the latest status change, the original ticket said

what is shown on the review screen

And the mentioned commit only fixes the accompanying help text :) We still can't change the order (I think?) and the presence -- like, if a user wants to hide / skip some mappings from this screen.

Donno, if there are any plans to actually implement more customisation here (though it would be great: e.g., if an empty or a special annotation is found, the key would be skipped, etc), just pointing out that the commit in question does not exactly closes the original issue :)

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