replace triggers with a hooks system

This ticket is to track the progress of removing the trigger-system in favour of a more comprehensive hooks system. Hooks that have been suggested are:

Hook triggered when Status
message-received a mail is received Patch submitted
flag-changed a message's flags have been modified
mesage-moved a message has been moved
message-copied a message has been copied
message-deleted a message has been deleted
message-postponed a message has been postponed
message-sent a message has been sent
folder-created a folder/inbox is created
folder-moved a folder/inbox is renamed/moved
folder-deleted a folder/inbox is deleted
aerc-startup aerc is starting Patch submitted
aerc-shutdown aerc is quit Patch submitted
tag-modified a notmuch tag is added/removed

Discussion on aerc-discuss

Suggested-by: ~ferdinandyb

Assigned to
a month ago
6 days ago
breaking feature

~poldi1405 a month ago

This requires a completely different system from triggers. To avoid keeping two ways of doing it, triggers will be deprecated as soon as the message-received hook has been implemented.

~rjarry a month ago

There are no arguments for actually "replacing" triggers with hooks. Simply adding more triggers would be less disruptive as you will not need to deprecate anything. The current only new-email trigger can remain and you can add all these new ones. The triggers already allow running shell commands.

~rjarry closed duplicate ticket #139 a month ago

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