Highlight terminal tabs if the underlying process prints bell

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1 year, 4 months ago
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~rockorager 1 year, 4 months ago

We should probably have a hook for this case, too. BEL doesn’t come with any data but we could pass the tab title to the hook context.

~tkna 1 year, 2 months ago

I found it particularly useful to be able to identify the tab (mailbox) where new mail arrives by implementing this feature. If that feature is implemented, it would fulfill my above desire. It seems concise and clean. When new mail arrives in aerc, the tmux window displays a bell notification. Not being able to identify it in a subsequently activated aerc tab would be particularly inconvenient if the user is managing a large number of mailboxes.

~balejk a month ago

Maybe this could be done by adding TabTitleTerm setting which would make it possible to do something like

tab-title-term={{if .Bell}}{{.Style .Title "bold"}}{{else}}{{.Title}}{{end}}

where .Title would return what the tab displays now and .Bell would be a flag indicating whether the process has rung the bell and would get cleared upon the tab being focused?

As for what ~tkna asks: I believe you can already do this. Take a look at tab-title-account. For instance I have

tab-title-account={{.Account}}{{if .Recent "INBOX"}} ({{.Recent "INBOX"}}){{end}}

in my aerc config. You can also make the title bold, but it's currently slightly broken, see #223. Also the Recent status may not clear for you as you would expect, see the first comment at #242.

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