cannot run colorize/wrap filters on arm

I propose the following test.

  1. throw out aerc.conf
  2. run aerc (it creates default aerc.conf)
  3. try to view a plain text mail

Currently, I cannot view a plain text email with an out-of-the-box aerc. Not with 0.14.0-131-g86441411f46b (go1.19.4 arm64 linux), but it works in 0.13.0 (go1.19.2 amd64 linux). I believe I should be able to do this with zero configuration to that file.

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1 year, 13 days ago
11 months ago

~rjarry 1 year, 11 days ago

Hi, I just tried and I cannot reproduce your issue. Default aerc.conf works well.

This may well be an issue with the search path for filters which fails to find the default colorize binary.

~ferdinandyb 1 year, 11 days ago*

This was reported in email. I managed to reproduce it on termux (with less showing the colorize help message), but not in a fresh Ubuntu docker. I'm not sure what the difference is.

~chilledfrogs 11 months ago

Ran into the same issue on my PinePhone Pro on postmarketOS, in fact the issue seems to be the usage of char c; instead of int c; for the getopt result variable, oddly enough, not entirely sure why this is the case though but making it int does fix it (which seems to be common practice anyway)

~chilledfrogs 11 months ago

Ok so it seems to have to do with musl preferring unsigned chars and glibc preferring signed chars, so probably making it signed char would be enough to fix it for everyone and avoid such ambiguities in the C standard in the future

~rjarry 11 months ago

Wow, nice catch. This may be because char is unsigned by default on ARM. The POSIX man page says getopt returns an int value anyways :) I'll send a fix asap.

~rjarry REPORTED FIXED 11 months ago

Robin Jarry referenced this ticket in commit 123e5a5.

~rjarry 11 months ago

Robin Jarry referenced this ticket in commit d5f6b68.

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