Folder-specific bindings do not work?

Don't know if it's just me but if I have the following in my binds.conf:

D = :move Trash<Enter>
D = :delete-message<Enter>

Then the latter doesn't work (aerc still attempts to move messages to Trash despite this folder-specific binding).

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9 months ago
29 days ago
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~justinesmithies 9 months ago

I too have noticed this issue also and I'm using the latest git version.

~konimarti 6 months ago

Do you use an account-specific binding for messages as well (e.g. [messages:account=..])?

Using just folder-specific bindings seem to work fine on my end on the current master. However, it breaks when using it together with an account-specific one I'm wondering if that's the bug you see or if it's something else?

~ferdinandyb 29 days ago

~skejg or/and ~justinesmithies is this still an issue for you on current master?

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