Some servers store all folders as subfolders of INBOX.

Some servers store all folders as subfolders of INBOX, e.g. the Drafts folder is INBOX/Drafts. This is a technical thing that users should not see preferably.

On one such account isync/mbysnc with a minimal config of

MaildirStore imaptest-local
SubFolders Verbatim
Path ~/.mail/imaptest/
Inbox ~/.mail/imaptest/INBOX

Channel imaptest-folders
Far :imaptest-remote:
Near :imaptest-local:
Patterns *

will create a "flat" structure (if you don't specify the Inbox path then your Inbox will go to ~/Maildir and all the other folders will go to ~/.mail/imaptest and any further nesting is done as expected). I do not know how isync knows this. Maybe it automatically flattens any subfolder within inbox?

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~ferdinandyb 11 months ago

commit 626d118 adding folder-map allows for a workaround although I can't see a way to do this automatically for all folders cf this folder-map.

~rjarry REPORTED FIXED 11 months ago

Koni Marti referenced this ticket in commit a791da7.

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