pinentry-tty breaks aerc

When I try to encrypt an e-mail to someone with my PGP key, the pinentry-tty prompt tries to request my key’s password, which breaks the UI.

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2 months ago
24 days ago
bug pgp ui

~mcepl 2 months ago*

Isn’t that a problem of any TUI application? How is it supposed to work? How does it work with mutt (for example)? Wouldn’t pinentry-curses (or the appropriate pinentry for your GUI environment) work better?

~emmatebibyte 2 months ago

After deliberation in the IRC, I was told this could possibly be solved. I would rather not use pinentry-curses because my main use of my pgp key is signing git commits and a simple prompt is less disruptive. I refuse to use a graphical pinentry program.

I’m not sure how it works with mutt, I’ve always found it uncomfortable to use so I avoided it.

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