Messages out of order when moved between folders

Normally, my messages are ordered by the date, but if I move any message from one folder to another, it does appear on top, i.e. e.g. a year old message appears before most recent ones.

In other clients I've tested, the ordering is correct.

I tried setting sort=-r date in config, but it doesn't do anything.
I suspect it may be connected to:

Sorting is not available for this backend.

when trying to execute :sort date.

While it wouldn't be so surprising for smaller providers, but this error message also appears for Outlook?

If it isn't a bug, is there a chance of creating an option for client-side sorting?

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2 months ago
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~jorengarenar 2 months ago

OK, I've pocked around a little, and indeed, neither of my providers have sorting in IMAP capabilities.

And moving from folder to folder changes UIDs, so ordering goes bananas...

So in the end, is there a chance of implementing client-side sorting?

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