Extend z command to support other backends

aerc has the builtin z command that works with zoxide to cd to the appropriate directories. There are a couple of different implementations for the z command, like z.lua, z.sh, z, fasd, which essentially do the same thing. It would be cool if the aerc z-command could support those too.

Philipp Neumann
Assigned to
4 months ago
3 months ago

~ferdinandyb 3 months ago

I'm pretty sure Robin would have nothing against a patch that could generalize the z command to something more configurable. I'm not familiar with the other implementations, but if they all have the same api (command query [query] and command add [path]) then it would be enough to make a z-command = zoxide configuration setting. If they have a different api, that would make it a bit more complicated I guess. The current code is in commands/z.go.

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