Implement decryption on action {cp,mv,pipe}

We should be able to decrypt emails when certain actions like :cp :mv :pipe are taken.

There was a preliminary draft patch: [DRAFT PATCH aerc] pipe: add flag to decrypt message before piping.

We had a discussion on IRC about this, and really the code for this should be somewhere "generic" so that all commands can use it.

Neomutt has this feature it is known as <decrypt-copy>, <decrypt-save> (save is mv in Mutt lingo).

We also have this feature in Thunderbird. When you right-click on an email you can "Create Decrypted Copy In" > and a context menu comes up for the folder you wish to save the email in.

This feature would be extremely for me when saving emails in Aerc to a local maildir. All email I receive is encrypted with Mailbox.org's encrypted mailbox. Soon we will have lacre.io on Disroot.org, and it would be nice to be able to use this there.

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