Recent status cleared on aerc startup for IMAP

To reproduce:

  1. Exit aerc if running.
  2. Indicate the Recent message count in tab title, such as
tab-title-account={{.Account}}{{if .Recent}} ({{.Recent}}){{end}}
  1. Send yourself a message without opening the mailbox (via sendmail or similar) and give it enough time to arrive.
  2. Open aerc and watch the tab title. The correct Recent count appears there for a split second and then disappears as the mailbox loads.
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~balejk a month ago

Conversely, although it's probably not related directly, the status isn't cleared when the new messages are read (or marked as read) and one has to change folder (another folder of the same account, not just different account/tab) to clear it. ~inwit reports to be seeing the same thing for {{.Unread}} (if I understood and remember correctly) -- I only have the unread count displayed in the folder list (so the defaults), rather than the tab title, and there it changes immediately and correctly for me when I read or unread a message.

~balejk referenced this from #138 a month ago

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