Aerc opens attachments with a wrong program when email is signed + encrypted

To reproduce:

  1. Send a signed and encrypted email to yourself. The email should contain some body text and an attachment (I used a text file kek.txt as the attachment).
  2. Open the email, you should see the message body (of text/plain content type).
  3. Now do :open to open it in an external program.
  4. Aerc tries to open a file named aerc-1111127589.gpg, even though the file itself is a .txt (the file contents are correct though).

This causes the text/plain email body to be open using a program for gpg files (Seahorse, in my case), and I'd expect it to be open with my viewer for text files.

When the email is not signed and encrypted at the same time, the name of the open file doesn't have the .gpg extension. Is there a way to get the same behavior with signed and encrypted emails too? A file with no extension at all should do fine, I think.

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~rjarry REPORTED FIXED 1 year, 3 months ago

Tim Culverhouse referenced this ticket in commit 96db50c.

~ph14nix 1 year, 2 months ago

Thanks! You guys rock!

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