Weird escape codes in any pager

Hello. I've tried to set less -R and neovim. I still see strange escape codes in messages. Here is an example:

Indeed those seasoned in mac os were appreciative.  big shore is a recent 
edition  of the system.
Another member indicated that Home brew is also used to distribute Lynx.
In the end I got the answer sought, helping  someone overseas dealing with 
international bookshare files too.
Thanks all,

On Thu, 23 Jun 2022, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

x1b[36m> Hi Karen,x1b[0m
x1b[36m>> To be forthright, I have no idea what fink is, nor have I heard of macports.x1b[0m
x1b[36m> both are methods of packaging up commonly-available software for Mac OSX,x1b[0m
x1b[36m> which does not have any repository for third-party software like, forx1b[0m
x1b[36m> example, most GNU/Linux distributions do. There are others (e.g. pkgsrcx1b[0m
x1b[36m> from NetBSD can be used), but these two are primarily intended for Mac OSX.x1b[0m
x1b[36m>> The use of the word ship in the context below seems? to suggest distribute.x1b[0m
x1b[36m> Yes.x1b[0m
x1b[36m>> If that is the case, especially as I believe the  mac list membersx1b[0m
x1b[36m>> asking about lynx are using big shore the last before the m1 units,x1b[0m
x1b[36m> I have no idea what *that* means. But then, I don’t use a Macintoshx1b[0m
x1b[36m> myself (I only have remote access to one for work stuff) and neverx1b[0m
x1b[36m> liked them.x1b[0m
x1b[36m> Macintosh users would often know either Fink or Darwinports/macports.x1b[0m
x1b[36m>> then I feel comfortable sending them to the developer editions.x1b[0m
x1b[36m> For some software, and lynx does indeed fit into that category,x1b[0m
x1b[36m> their developer versions are more stable than most software’sx1b[0m
x1b[36m> release versions. So go for it!x1b[0m
x1b[36m> bye,x1b[0m
x1b[36m> //mirabilosx1b[0m
x1b[36m> -- x1b[0m
x1b[36m> [...] if maybe ext3fs wasn't a better pick, or jfs, or maybe reiserfs, oh butx1b[0m
x1b[36m> what about xfs, and if only i had waited until reiser4 was ready... in the be-x1b[0m
x1b[36m> ginning, there was ffs, and in the middle, there was ffs, and at the end, therex1b[0m
x1b[36m> was still ffs, and the sys admins knew it was good. :)  -- Ted Unangst über *fsx1b[0m
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~rjarry a month ago*


could you share your aerc.conf file along with a (redacted) copy of the raw email that is causing a problem (use :pipe -m tee message.eml and edit the file with your favorite editor to remove personal/sensible information)?


~timsofteng a month ago*


Here is the message: http://ix.io/41bF

Here is my config: http://ix.io/41bG

~rjarry a month ago*

You configured your pager to be nvim:

text/plain=sed 's/^>\+.*/\x1b[36m&\x1b[0m/'

I don't believe nvim has a feature to interpret terminal escape codes. You should either set your text/plain filter to cat and let nvim colorize the text, or use less -R as a pager.

Here is my (working) configuration for reference: https://git.sr.ht/~rjarry/dotfiles/tree/main/item/config/aerc/aerc.conf

~timsofteng a month ago*

You are right! It helps. Thanks a lot.

The issue has been solved. Ticket now can be closed.

~rjarry REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG a month ago

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