noticeable delay when moving to :next message while in message view with sorted folder

there is a noticeable delay when switching from message to message while in view mode within a sorted mailbox folder with :prev or :next (J or K with default keybindings).

this delay did not exist prior to e50ab5928475 ('sort: keep sort criteria applied to folder')

expected behaviour: load :next or :prev message quickly with the maildir backend.

problem: messages take as long and sometimes longer to load than with the imap backend.

steps to reproduce: use the maildir backend with a default unsorted config, run :sort (e.g. :sort -r date), view a message and attempt to view the next messages with :next (J).

there is no delay when attempting this on an unsorted maildir.

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8 months ago
a month ago

~ferdinandyb 4 months ago

This seems to be solved already, at least I can't reproduce.

~ferdinandyb a month ago

~akspecs Can you verify if this problem still exists for you?

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