:open, but with ability to specify handler?

With html parts, I like the w3m-style filtering for the terminal, but sometimes I'd like to view in a browser. When I do that, I prefer to use a dumber browser than my system browser, socksify it, and add the flags that disable scripts/caching/cookies/etc.

Am I overlooking a way to achieve this with the built-ins? If not, would you welcome a patch to add this feature?

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12 days ago
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~bourgeois_bear 12 days ago

~bourgeois_bear 12 days ago

ps> Doing this with :pipe, sh, & binds.conf at the moment, but it's kind of awkward. Would also be nice if pipe/exec could expand environment variables (or $HOME at least).

~rjarry 10 days ago

What kind of option did you have in mind?

~bourgeois_bear 10 days ago

Basically a riff on [filters], but for opening things. If not specified for a given mime type, revert to present xdg-open-style functionality. I think tempfiles would be better than piping for this particular feature, since a lot of programs don't have a simple way of pulling input from stdin (like browsers). That's some of the awkwardness of what I'm already doing--making a shell script just to snag stdin to a file & clean up afterward.

~bourgeois_bear 10 days ago

And having printf-style substitutions available (at least full path to file [single vs. multiple like xdg .desktop spec]) would also be a plus, since with a few strange programs the last parameter isn't necessarily the input.

~bourgeois_bear 10 days ago

And of course, carry whatever we do in the config file over to the :open command (probably has to be a new variation of it, since the original :open passed flags) for specifying the opener as well.

~q3cpma 9 days ago

This ticket should also concern :open-link in some manner.

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