rmdir deletes the entire maildir

With the following structure, when running :rmdir -f on Abc, the entireMaildir is deleted by aerc.


Important info: this structure was created by a sieve operation, so Abc and def have not been initialized and hence, when cd-ing into them, the following error is thrown:

Personal: open /home/moritz/.mail/moritz.sh/INBOX/Abc/new: no such file or directory

The deleted directory is /home/moritz/.mail/moritz.sh, which is the root of the maildir

In my opinion it should either just not delete at all or – preferably – the invalid directory that is selected.

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4 months ago
a month ago
bug maildir

~rockorager a month ago

I can't reproduce this with my test account on your server, ~poldi1405 can you try reproducing again?

~poldi1405 a month ago

I can't either (fortunately)

I still have to restart aerc though, since it stops working altogether: https://asciinema.org/a/mNdpJRKOT50VZHZAR37ff0xcP

-- Moritz Poldrack https://moritz.sh

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