How best to distribute/manage banglists?

It needs to be possible to automate this process.

The simplest solution would be to add a new shell script, or patch support into the main script, for providing a URL from which we can attempt to get the list and place it in the right directory. This won't support versioning, though, unless we store a cache of where the data came from to look back upon later.

The most "correct" solution in my eyes is for banglists to be distributed in package managers, but... is this only viable on Arch? That'd be limiting.

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~samhh 2 months ago

Another idea, inside $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bangin:

  • Rename bangin.bangs to bangs
  • Add new file lists

Then add a sync command to bangin that attempts to pull in those lists and put them into the appropriate directory. If we consider it like adblock lists then we don't really care about versioning.

I'm not sure how this would intersect with any attempts to simultaneously use some local lists. I think this only works with such a simple design if everything in the lists directory is wiped prior to syncing.

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