Could not find any way to contact you.

I'm gonna add your glpaper package to nixos rep.

And have a question: is there a way to support mpd's fourier output and to channel it to shaders using your program? Would'be cool. I know some C ( at 42 ecole we did some part of libc and some other projects ), i could help with that ( and port some shaders that use audio channel from Shadertoy for example )/

EDIT: Oh, and it conflists with sway-bg ( it wont draw if bg used ) - could there be a workaround? With regards, D.

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~scoopta 1 year, 4 months ago

Hey, you can always contact me via email scoopta@scoopta.email. I don't make that known anywhere but most people find it by looking at the email on all my commits.

The reason it won't draw if swaybg is running is because of the way layer-shell...at least on sway works. I believe technically speaking it's undefined behavior which surface shows on top if you have multiple surfaces on the same layer but at least under sway the oldest layer gets rendered first and every other layer goes below it. If you for example start swaybg after glpaper it also won't draw because it draws below it. The only workaround I could think of is to kill swaybg inside glpaper but honestly I'm not sure I like that. It's sort of expected the user will only attempt to run one wallpaper program per output. It also gets especially ugly since swaybg runs one process for all outputs if for some reason you wanted to run swaybg on two monitors and glpaper only on the third you would have to start glpaper first even though swaybg would be configured not to use that monitor anyway or else swaybg would be killed. It just seems like a bigger hack than it's worth.

As far as mpd...maybe, I honestly have no idea, I've never used mpd or looked into how it works. I'll look into it and see, it would actually be really cool to add support for some of the stuff shader toy has. It's far more powerful than the basic features provided by glslsandbox which is what I mainly took inspiration from as far as uniform names and values are concerned, not that I implemented mouse input which glslsandbox has lol.

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