Using the screencopy backend, this isn't working for me


My OBS Studio isn't picking the display of mine at all using the screencopy backend. Perhaps I am doing something wrong/wrong settings etc.

This is how the plugin panel looks for me now: https://imgur.com/a/tHR93Ka

I am running Sway v. 1.4 with wlroots v. 0.10.1-1

Thank you for your help :)

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~scoopta 4 years ago

I'm confused by what you mean by "isn't picking the display"? Are you referring to the fact that the Wayland Display box is empty? That's supposed to be empty. Empty means that it'll use the default display which is either the value of $WAYLAND_DISPLAY or if not set wayland-0, if you're referring to something else then I'm not sure what you're meaning.

~fourstepper 4 years ago

Hi scoopta,

Well, OBS simply is not gettting any video signal. This can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/kLqmDUY

Perhaps I am missing something simple. I installed the plugin directly from AUR (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/wlrobs-hg/)

~krystiancha 4 years ago

Same issue here, obs preview is transparent. obs-studio-git 25.0.7.r90.g078ea5222-1, wlrobs-hg r39.b97d352dd1ab-1

~scoopta 4 years ago

Oh wait, it's transparent...that's probably because OBS is running wayland native which it does not support. OBS only supports X11 and must be run using XWayland. wlrobs adds wayland capture but OBS itself must still be run using XWayland unless you use a fork like https://github.com/cyclopsian/obs-studio/tree/wayland. Try running OBS with QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb set.

~scoopta 4 years ago

I apologize for not noticing that earlier. In the original screenshot I had noticed the wallpaper and thought that was the intended capture.

~fourstepper 4 years ago

Hi, didn't even come up as an idea to test how the OBS itself is ra

I will test if this was the issue in the evening and add this note to the README via a PR if so

~fourstepper 4 years ago

Nice, that seems to get me some output, but the colors seem to be a bit off - https://imgur.com/a/D847pfM. This color shift presents itself on the final rendered video as well: https://drupal.fourstepperexcentric.com/sites/videos/video.mkv

Any idea why this could be?

~krystiancha 4 years ago

Try source properties -> Flip red and blue.

~scoopta REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG 4 years ago

I meant to close this earlier, I added a note to the readme about QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb

~pedrohlc referenced this from #22 3 years ago

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