One application is shown twice in drun mode

I have an edited copy of firefox.desktop file in my ~.local/share/applications directory. And I see 2 copies of "Mozilla Firefox" in the wofi --show drun list. If I remove this copied .desktop, I see only one of them. It shouldn't work like that, I think.

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3 years ago
2 years ago

~scoopta REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

Fixed by 0b3341512f55

~sorrow FIXED REPORTED 3 years ago

The problem persists.

~scoopta 3 years ago

Make sure it's got the same exact file name as the system version, also make sure that the system desktop file isn't in your cache ~/.cache/wofi-drun because that'll cause it to show up even if it otherwise shouldn't.

~sorrow REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

Ah, removing cache file fixed the problem. Is there some cache invalidation mechanism?

~scoopta 3 years ago

Not currently and even if when I do add one it'd be based on file existence and in this instance that wouldn't be triggered.

~trester referenced this from #46 2 years ago

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