#15 `scaling` command uses the non-rotated image as guide for scaling 1 year, 1 month ago

Ticket created by ~seerlite on ~exec64/imv

To reproduce:

  1. Open any image that is bigger in height than in width.
  2. Rotate it clockwise.
  3. Make sure the window is bigger in width than in height.
  4. Run scaling full command.

As you'll see, the image isn't scaled to the viewport. This is because imv uses the real size of the picture to calculate how much to scale instead of applying the rotation first. Rotating clockwise again after trying to scale makes it clearer.

#14 imv doesn't read from stdin with arg "-" if a file named "-" exists in the current directory 1 year, 1 month ago

Ticket created by ~seerlite on ~exec64/imv

As I explain here if a real file named "-" exists in the current directory imv won't read from stdin and will try to read that file instead.

This behavior isn't consistent with how other *nix tools take the - argument, so I suggest making imv always try to read stdin when - is passed and only open the actual file when ./- is passed.

#3 Read image from stdin, not just file paths 1 year, 3 months ago

Comment by ~seerlite on ~exec64/imv

This issue happens if there's a file called "-" in the current directory. imv opens that file instead of reading stdin.

I think imv should always read from stdin when passing - as the file argument, and only try to read the literal "-" file when passing an explicit path like ./-. This is how most tools that take - as a shorthand for stdin/stdout work.