Cupertino, CA


My handle is “Seirdy” on all the platforms I use:

My preferred forge for personal projects is Sourcehut, but my repositories have remotes for GitHub and GitLab too.



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#17 Add www.groovestomp.com to the site list a month ago

Comment by ~seirdy on ~koehr/the-250kb-club

On Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 10:24:51PM -0000, ~groovestomp wrote:

Here's my personal website: https://www.groovestomp.com .

The site appears to be down. The host is up (I can ping), but the server isn't responding (connection times out).

-- /Seirdy

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Ticket created by ~seirdy on ~koehr/the-250kb-club

It looks like compile-list.js re-scans pages every week, which is great; including the date last updated, or at least mentioning that pages are updated weekly, would be helpful. I myself was about to email the "-discuss" list to ask if pages could be re-checked before I noticed the RECHECK_THRESHOLD in compile-list.js.