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#26 bit-wise and and co. 9 days ago

Ticket created by ~sforman on ~sforman/thun-der

Need to (re-)implement bit-wise ops

#25 Errors should terminate joy interpreter when running scripts. 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~sforman on ~sforman/thun-der

And should also set a non-zero return code.

#24 echo stack and expression to stderr on error? 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~sforman on ~sforman/thun-der

Right now errors are just printed and the interpreter continues. It might be useful to have it emit the current state too, eh?

#1 Actually generate a site, any site. a month ago

Comment by ~sforman on ~sforman/ronrhea

KISS is the order of the day. We can already fetch feeds and stick them in the DB, let's make a simple RoN page for them (w/o even de-duplication yet) and see what that looks like.

#1 Actually generate a site, any site. a month ago

~sforman assigned ~sforman to #1 on ~sforman/ronrhea

#1 Actually generate a site, any site. a month ago

Ticket created by ~sforman on ~sforman/ronrhea

All the pieces are in place: db, feed fetcher, HTML gen, CLI widgetry, all that remains is to generate a site. This ticket is to track experimentation with that.

#4 Research organic marine glue 2 months ago

Comment by ~sforman on ~sforman/MagnusMotive

#Mistletoe glue?


Mistletoe viscin: a hygro- and mechano-responsive cellulose-based adhesive for diverse material applications Nils Horbelt, Peter Fratzl, Matthew J Harrington

Specifically, we revealed that viscin fibers exhibit humidity-activated self-adhesive properties that enable “contact welding” into complex 2D and 3D architectures under ambient conditions. We additionally discovered that viscin can be processed into stiff and transparent free-standing films via biaxial stretching in the hydrated state, followed by drying, whereby CMFs align along local stress fields. Furthermore, we determined that viscin adheres strongly to both synthetic materials (metals, plastics, and glass) and biological tissues, such as skin and cartilage. In particular, skin adhesion makes viscin a compelling candidate as a wound sealant, as we further demonstrate. These findings highlight the enormous potential of this hygro- and mechano-responsive fiber-reinforced adhesive for bioinspired and biomedical applications.

#6 A simple 8x13 pixel font. 5 months ago

Ticket created by ~sforman on ~sforman/python-oberon

I grabbed some pixel font data from the internet and packed it into a binary file for the bootloader, and for kicks had it load in the screen RAM. It's fun to see the scrambled bits/pixels.

The characters are eight bits wide, and they are each taking up thirteen words, so 3/4ths of each word is empty. It suggests packing four chars per word, but the savings of space in RAM is then traded for additional complexity in the "paint" routine, eh? Probably worth it? Especially with the ability to read/write bytes?

#1 Some sort of UI for debugging RISC machine code. 5 months ago

Comment by ~sforman on ~sforman/python-oberon

The Tkinter IDE works pretty well (but it still doesn't show the screen, there were Terrible Problems trying to make a screen in Tkinter) especially with the "source map" that shows which line of the source corresponds to which machine code instruction in RAM.

I also recently re-worked the Xerblin demo UI for Joy/Thun, but the problem of integrating the emulator with Xerblin to make a self-contained dev env for Thun OS on the RISC chip, uh, remains. There's always the lower-level "VUI" code. It's still in Python, but it does away with TCL/Tk/Tkinter and does it's own graphics on an SDL Surface. It probably makes more sense to try to use that than to try to integrate Pygame/SDL event loop with the TCL/Tk/Tkinter event loop?

#5 Re-implement the Assembler. 5 months ago

Comment by ~sforman on ~sforman/python-oberon

The assembler is more-or-less done. I've been implementing a Forth to exercise it.