Some sort of UI for debugging RISC machine code.

I want to use this to debug the code from the Thun compiler. I could cook something up using Tkinter, but I don't want to deal with two event loops (Tk and SDL). I'm already using PyGame/SDL to show the RAM-backed screen, so it might make sense to integrate with the experimental Joy "VUI" which also uses PyGame. Or I could cook up a text mode UI that works with either text-based Joy UI (The Tkinter one and the PyGame one) and with terminals.

In any event, I want a nice virtual computer on which to run and debug my Prolog-generated machine code.

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~sforman 2 years ago

The Tkinter IDE works pretty well (but it still doesn't show the screen, there were Terrible Problems trying to make a screen in Tkinter) especially with the "source map" that shows which line of the source corresponds to which machine code instruction in RAM.

I also recently re-worked the Xerblin demo UI for Joy/Thun, but the problem of integrating the emulator with Xerblin to make a self-contained dev env for Thun OS on the RISC chip, uh, remains. There's always the lower-level "VUI" code. It's still in Python, but it does away with TCL/Tk/Tkinter and does it's own graphics on an SDL Surface. It probably makes more sense to try to use that than to try to integrate Pygame/SDL event loop with the TCL/Tk/Tkinter event loop?

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