Accept or create library for XDG Desktop Portal


D-Bus (Desktop Bus) is an IPC message-passing system for desktop applications. Xdg-desktop-portal exposes a series of D-Bus interfaces for desktop utilities such as:

  • File chooser
  • Camera portal
  • Account/User information
  • Sending email
  • Opening URIs
  • Secret management

Overall a good portion of stuff a desktop application would be interested in. Plus, although its initial use was exposing these interfaces for Flatpak applications, it also includes stuff required for Wayland such as screencasting and screenshots.

The system dbus already exists so far (though without text documentation AFAIK). For the desktop portal, I only see a single CL snippet that references a portal protocol, in the GTK+3 CFFI file chooser source code.

#Acceptance Criteria

  • Accept or Create a library that implements the xdg-desktop-portal interface for desktop applications.
  • The portal library must make a commitment to implement all portal API interfaces defined in https://flatpak.github.io/xdg-desktop-portal/#gdbus-org.freedesktop.portal.Account
  • If creating the portal library, Accept or Create a library that implements the D-Bus communication protocol for desktop applications.
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