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~bfiedler 2 years ago

I've modified my fork to have one statusline per account, and it works fine. There's still some debate left about the following: Should errors be pushed to the host tab also? I think they are important enough to the user to be visible even when focusing on a different account. Then we could PushStatus them to the host tab to make the user aware of them and use SetError on the account tab for a more permanent view.

~labrat 2 years ago

Should errors be pushed to the host tab also?

I'd say no.

Considering that most error messages only include things like "malformed mime msg" and similar non identifiable errors this would be very confusing in my opinion. You'll have no idea which account spawned it.

Rather, we should indicate some urgent hint ("!") or some such in the tab itself. (Might even do color for those who want that)

Also, we should probably only run the message expiry timer if the status is actually being displayed... No use if you can't read an error message by the time you navigate to the proper tab.

What do you think?

~bfiedler 2 years ago

Makes sense. I'm playing around with prefixing the account name for that problem - both solutions would be fine with me. (Maybe even have both - a short popup telling you "problem in account xyz" and a persistent tab notification until you switch to the account?)

It's an interesting question how this plays with the composition or the msgview widget, since they are their own widget but have an associated account - I'm not sure how to handle this right now but I will play around a bit more and report back on the feel.

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