My name in "From" appears to be encoded wrong

My name is Fausto Núñez Alberro

Shown in From in sent emails is =?utf-8?q?Fausto_N=C3=BA=C3=B1ez_Alberro_

Is this due to an encoding issue on my system or a fault in aerc?

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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~sircmpwn 7 months ago

Is that shown in the UI or are you reading the encoded emails?

~brainlessdeveloper 7 months ago

It's both shown in the UI and sent like that to the server (I think).

In the UI, I see From =?utf-8?q?Fausto_N=C3=BA=C3=B1ez_Alberro_.

In other clients (in my case mailbox.org's web application) I see Fausto_N=C3=BA=C3=B1ez_Alberro_.

~brainlessdeveloper 7 months ago

This is the entry in my accounts.conf:

from     = Fausto Núñez Alberro

Encoding of this file is UTF-8.

~sircmpwn 7 months ago

Aside: you should include your email address in the from config, like this:

from = Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>

~emersion am I doing this wrong?


~brainlessdeveloper 7 months ago

On the aside: I have it like you suggested, I just removed my email from the comment for privacy. That was probably silly, provided my email address is everywhere heh.

~emersion 7 months ago

am I doing this wrong?

Yes, you'll need to use SetAddressList, with a singleton list

~sircmpwn 7 months ago

If you hadn't censored your email, I could have mailed you this patch:


Can you try this and tell me if it fixes the issue for you?

~brainlessdeveloper 7 months ago

The patch fixes the issue on my side. Thanks!

~sircmpwn REPORTED FIXED 7 months ago

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