Connection timeout

I start aerc on my laptop and get connection timeout:

aerc > output.txt

cat output.txt

2019/06/05 17:50:47 Starting up aerc imap 2019/06/05 17:50:47 (ui)=> *types.Configure 2019/06/05 17:50:47 (ui)=> *types.Connect 2019/06/05 17:50:47 <-(ui) *types.Configure(2) 2019/06/05 17:50:47 <-(ui) *types.Connect(3) 2019/06/05 17:52:54 ->(ui) *types.Error:*types.Connect 2019/06/05 17:52:54 (ui)<= *types.Error(4):*types.Connect(3) 2019/06/05 17:52:54 dial tcp [2607:f8b0:400a:803::2005]:143: connect: connection timed out `

I tried IMAP over SSL, IMAP with STARTLS, and Insecure IMAP. Which of them should I use? insecure?

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~oren referenced this from #151 5 months ago

~archaeme 5 months ago

Are you able to ping your mail server?

~sircmpwn 5 months ago

Try disabling IPv6 perhaps

~rfried 5 months ago

I'm experiencing the same. Using Gmail with app password, default settings: 2019/06/06 22:11:14 Starting up aerc 2019/06/06 22:11:14 (ui)=> *types.Configure 2019/06/06 22:11:14 (ui)=> *types.Connect 2019/06/06 22:11:14 <-(ui) *types.Configure(2) 2019/06/06 22:11:14 <-(ui) *types.Connect(3) 2019/06/06 22:13:25 ->(ui) *types.Error:*types.Connect 2019/06/06 22:13:25 (ui)<= *types.Error(4):*types.Connect(3) 2019/06/06 22:13:25 dial tcp connect: connection timed out

~sircmpwn 5 months ago

Try using imap+starttls instead of imaps

~rfried 5 months ago

Just did. got the same results.

~rfried 5 months ago

OK. problem was that I thought gmail will be autoconfigured.

~oren 5 months ago

Thanks for the troubleshooting tips, archaeme.

I disabled IPV6 by follow this: https://www.neuraldump.net/2016/11/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu-16-04-xenial-xerus/ but It didn't help

How do I find my mail server IP address and how do I ping it using Ubuntu? I am using gmail.


~ake 5 months ago

Ah, if you're using Gmail then you need to change your security settings like it says here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en

~sircmpwn 5 months ago

I think Google also has separate hostnames for their SMTP and IMAP servers, make sure you use the correct ones.

~ake 5 months ago

For reference, here's what worked for me: https://paste.sr.ht/blob/13b92959fbd8b58725ec845dc261495a3ebc1625

~oren 4 months ago

ake, I tried your configuration but it didn't work. I also looked at the google security page (https://myaccount.google.com/security) but I can't find a way to add aerc to the list of 'Third-party apps with account access'

~archaeme 4 months ago

There should be a section called App passwords where you can generate a password to use with Gmail for aerc.

~ake 4 months ago

~oren, you're right that config is no longer working for some reason. Here's what's working for me now: https://paste.sr.ht/~ake/08b2644241f33345e0713e70df8113f47c3febac

The key differences were using smtp+plain instead of smtps+plain, adding :587 as the port and adding the line smtp-starttls = yes.

~oren REPORTED FIXED 3 months ago

Thank you!

I used ake's configuration file and I also replaced my password with 'Google App Password' as described here https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833 solved it.

~tho 3 months ago

I'm getting this error with gmail. tried a solution suggested by ake to no avail

~tho 3 months ago

ah. sorry, just realized i get a different error message

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