Add maildir & mbox workers

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8 months ago
4 months ago
blocker feature maildir mbox

~benburwell 5 months ago

I've started tooling around with a maildir worker a bit. Before I go too deep, I just wanted to check whether work has already been done on this, or if you had any particular design thoughts?

~emersion 4 months ago

Side note, mbox is really not supposed to be used for a mail backend. You'll need to read the whole archive on startup, and all write operations will require you to rewrite the whole file. Also, things like flags are not supported.

~sircmpwn 4 months ago

I understand, but I still think it's a valuable feature to have. Not every backend needs to support every feature, and aerc can provide a nice comfy interface for reading and writing mbox files for those who are looking specifically for that.

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