Implement ability to open email by URL

Please excuse me if this is already possible, but I haven't found a way to do it.

It would be very useful to be able to pass a message id/URL to aerc in order for it to open it directly, in particular for emacs org-mode integration (see an example for mutt there: https://upsilon.cc/~zack/blog/posts/2010/02/integrating_Mutt_with_Org-mode/

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4 months ago
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~sircmpwn 4 months ago

What kind of URL are we talking about?

~elvirolo 4 months ago

Any way to open a specific email in aerc from another program would be great. Something like: message://server/unique_id

See the Thunderlink add-on for Thunderbird, which does exactly that: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/thunderlink/

Ideally, it would be fantastic if one could select an email in aerc, send it to emacs via org-protocol, create, for example, a new TODO item related to the email, and then be able to open it directly by clicking on its link in emacs to have it displayed in aerc.

~elvirolo 4 months ago

I suppose it is related to #148.

~wiktor 4 months ago

There is a mid URI scheme used to reference message by their Message-ID. See this RFC: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2392

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