Marking emails as read/unread doesn't update message status

Using :unread in the message list, for example, does indeed mark the message as unread, but the view doesn't update to show the message in bold.

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~theothermatt 4 months ago

Ok, turns out this does work on one of my accounts. However, the behavior described is present on my work account, which is a Microsoft Exchange account.

So, possibly some weird thing Exchange does?

~quite 4 months ago

I see something like this too. Doing :unread or :read actually does that, but the msglist view does not update. Restarting aerc gives the correct view.

Marking read by actually viewing the mail does cause the msglist to update correctly.

~pimaker a month ago

I can confirm this bug still exists. Same behaviour as already mentioned, server is OpenExchange.

Looking into commands/msg/read.go, I see:

aerc.PushStatus("Messages updated.", 10*time.Second)

in the store.Read success path, which means that message should be printed, no? Because that doesn't happen for me, maybe indicating that the server never replies to the read/unread request? I don't have a non-exchange server to test with atm, so sorry if that's wrong.

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