macOS: Unable to map ctrl keys

I am unable to map ctrl + {h,j,k,l} to any action (e.g. in the compose window, where I would like to be able to invoke :prev-field etc.). My zsh config has stty -ixon, such that

$ stty
speed 9600 baud;
lflags: echoe echoke echoctl pendin
iflags: -ixon iutf8
oflags: -oxtabs
cflags: cs8 -parenb

How can I determine, where the keypress gets eaten. Does aerc ever even see the key being pressed?

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7 months ago
7 months ago

~muellerj 7 months ago

I should add that I've tried Terminal and iTerm2 with the same behaviour.

~ake 7 months ago

Can you use ctrl + u or ctrl + d to move up and down in the message list?

I thought I had a similar issue at one point until I realised I had some bindings in tmux that overrode the bindings in aerc. Maybe you have a similar issue?

~muellerj REPORTED INVALID 7 months ago

That was a good hint indeed! I still had tmux mappings for pane navigation, although I never use vertical splits.

Consider my issue resolved. Thanks ~ake!

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