Add LOGIN authentication method

I am using aerc 0.2.1. When I try to send message over SMTP with STARTTLS, I get following error:

 conn.Auth: 504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type

My account config has smtp-starttls = yes and outgoing = smtp+plain://...... options. I tried with outgoing = smtp://......, but got same result.

I tried another account that uses smtp.office365.com server with SMTP/STARTTLS setting, the result is the same 504 error.

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~wildart 4 years ago

I dig more into the problem. smtp.office365.com and some Outlook Exchange SMTP servers only accept LOGIN authentication method which is not implemented yet.

~concatime 3 years ago

This can be closed.

~sircmpwn REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 3 years ago

~szemy 2 years ago*

Hi! Sorry to open such an old ticket. Cannot get outlook365 to work. The error I get: conn.auth unknown auth method

Have tried smtp:// with smtp-starttls = yes and others too. Since this is the first result in google, it might be a good idea for future reference to include the correct settings.

Many thanks for the effort!!! Thomas

N1N 2 years ago · edit

Hey ~szemy,

I just managed to configure aerc with multiple Office365 accounts. The IMAP settings work perfectly from the wizard, however here's what I used for the SMTP config: outgoing = smtp+login://username:password@smtp.office365.com:587/ smtp-starttls = yes

Notice the smtp protocol, not smtps

Thanks, N1N

~szemy 2 years ago

Thanks N1N! Works perfectly.

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