write tcp> write: broken pipe

Error message after a very long lifetime (some days) with an imap gmail access. I cannot change the folder, I got a blank screen if I open the selected email. I do not have any idea of the problem but I just wanted to report the error. Quit and restart allow me to see the account emails again.

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4 years ago
2 years ago
bug imap

~reedwade 4 years ago is the server ip where my aerc instance is running.

~wildart 4 years ago

I'm having the same problem. Server unexpectedly closes the connection and any folder operations result in "broken pipe" message.

Here is an error log:

019/08/10 20:26:24 Fetching UID list
8UAE9A NO [BADCHARSET (US-ASCII)] The specified charset is not supported.
2019/08/10 20:26:24 ->(ui) *types.Error:*types.FetchDirectoryContents
27W9-g IDLE
2019/08/10 20:26:24 (ui)<= *types.Error(332):*types.FetchDirectoryContents(329)
2019/08/10 20:26:24 imap: connection closed
2019/08/10 20:26:24 (ui)=> *types.OpenDirectory
2019/08/10 20:26:24 <-(ui) *types.OpenDirectory(333)
2019/08/10 20:26:24 ->(ui) *types.Error
2019/08/10 20:26:24 Opening Sent Items
2019/08/10 20:26:24 ->(ui) *types.Error:*types.OpenDirectory
2019/08/10 20:26:24 (ui)<= *types.Error(334)
2019/08/10 20:26:24 imap: connection closed
2019/08/10 20:26:24 (ui)<= *types.Error(335):*types.OpenDirectory(333)
2019/08/10 20:26:24 write tcp <my_ip>:58834-><server_ip>:993: write: broken pipe

~alexwennerberg 4 years ago

I've encountered this error as well. It tends to happen on a shorter timespan than days though, several hours of inactivity perhaps. I'm connected to both Gmail and Fastmail.

~ilyaigpetrov 4 years ago

This error also happens after recovering after suspension (sudo suspend, I guess "hibernation" is also a right word).

~jon referenced this from #300 4 years ago

~j3s 4 years ago

This error happens to me constantly - every 10 minutes or so; my email server is in Romania, and I don't think that aerc deals with latency (130ms+) very gracefully currently.

~anjan 4 years ago

I tried to fix this issue as I run into this issue every 5 minutes with my school email. I have written 2 patches:

https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/patches/9455 (please note Drew's and Reto's comments on this patch)

https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/patches/9460 (A work in progress)

I will try to implement everything requested by Drew in 9455 into 9460 some other day...

~thrill_seeker 4 years ago

Having this issue as well every 5-10 minutes approximately. I do not have the skills to write patches right now, but I hope some day I will :)

~kuzyn 4 years ago

Also getting this issue after suspending. Lmk if there is trace that would be useful or smt

~labrat 4 years ago

please stop withe the #metoo comments... they aren't useful.

The bug is known (and still open).

The next step is to write a fix, so unless one needs clarification on how to go about this which is of course valid, no more comments should be added.

~kuzyn 4 years ago

~labrat a bit of a meta but if the overall goal of sh is to build a community around open source software, maybe don't shut off first commenters in such a drab way? There are many ways to say exactly what you are saying while being a bit more welcoming.

To expand this discussion, yes I would like more clarification on how to go about this. I have read the comments and patches submitted by ~anjan, and am curious especially about how to "Update the UI to explain that we're offline". What would be a good starting file to understand how the UI is composed? Cheers

~labrat 4 years ago

you can start in https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/tree/master/widgets/aerc.go and then follow the other files in the widgets dir to get an idea of how the ui works

~rjarry referenced this from ~rjarry/aerc#1 2 years ago

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