Invalid credentials (Failure)

What does this error message mean? I saw in another issue that if I entered a wrong password then i would have gotten "authentication failed".

my accounts.conf is as follows

source   = imaps://<redacted>%40gmail.com@imap.gmail.com
outgoing = smtp+plain://<redacted>%40gmail.com@smtp.gmail.com:587
default  = INBOX
smtp-starttls = yes
source_cred_cmd=pass myaccount.google.com
outgoing_cred_cmd=pass myaccount.google.com
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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~tho 2 years ago

can't even find it in the source

~psylok 2 years ago

Hi, run into the same problem.

For me it appears to be a problem with Gmail not allowing less secure applications. I receive an alarm from google saying they blocked the attempt. Disabling that security check now allow aerc to connect.

Is there a way to make aerc connect without having to do so?

~tho 2 years ago

but I haven't even enabled 2FA

~psylok 2 years ago

Me neither afaik. I found it following the link in the email I received, it is called "third party access' or access for less secure appliations. Try looking for that option.

~tho 2 years ago

Access for less secure apps setting has been turned on

still getting this error

~tho 2 years ago

but not getting alerts anymore

~psylok 2 years ago

My configuration is slightly different, as I don't use pass separated, but have the credential coded in the configuration file

source        = imaps://<name>%40gmail.com:<PWD>@imap.gmail.com:993
outgoing      = smtp+plain://<name>%40gmail.com:<PWD>@smtp.gmail.com:587
default       = INBOX
smtp-starttls = yes
from          = <name><<name>@gmail.com>
copy-to       = Sent

~labrat REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG 2 years ago

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