EOF Error

Sometimes when I send emails, I get an error that just says EOF, and I'm not sure what seems to be causing it. I tried a number of things to reproduce it, including:

  • Adding a new line at the end of an email
  • Not adding a new line at the end of an email
  • Writing a long email
  • Starting an email and waiting a long time to send it

It seems to occur randomly, and I'm not able to discern any pattern. It's also not clear whether emails are still sent when I get this error. My friend reported receiving duplicate emails as I rewrote and re-sent an email, but I'm not sure if this has occurred every time. No email is saved to my Sent folder. I would estimate this occurs for 5 to 10 percent of my emails.

This is with Fastmail, but I believe I have also observed it on Gmail. I'm using the most recent commit on Master on Debian 10. I am sorry for not having more details.

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~alexwennerberg 29 days ago

I'm working on trying to get more details on this issue -- it seems as though the email still sends but it isn't copied to my sent folder

~hdb2 29 days ago

I've been playing with aerc today and have experienced this same issue (running the latest aerc on MacOS with fastmail). I ran aerc like so:

aerc > aerc.log 2>&1

I was able to get the error to occur, here's the very end of the error log:

2019/08/21 13:34:06 Sending mail
2019/08/21 13:34:06 rcpt to: [REDACTED]
2019/08/21 13:34:06 (ui)=> *types.AppendMessage
2019/08/21 13:34:06 <-(ui) *types.AppendMessage(82)
FdId9w OK Completed
2019/08/21 13:34:06 ->(ui) *types.Error:*types.AppendMessage
eGiEog APPEND "Sent" (\Seen) "21-Aug-2019 13:34:06 -0500" {326+}
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 13:34:06 -0500
Subject: test

yet another test from me!
mizm5A IDLE
2019/08/21 13:34:06 (ui)<= *types.Error(83):*types.AppendMessage(82)
2019/08/21 13:34:06 EOF
eGiEog BAD junk after literal
2019/08/21 13:34:12 Closing Unix server: accept unix /var/folders/6t/7xxzvyyx5dv2tyg8ncx9nqj40000gn/T/aerc.sock: use of closed network connection

hope this helps!

~devonrjohnson 3 days ago

I have also had this issue occur multiple times on a Linux system. I have not seemed to find any pattern to the issue in terms of content of the email. Only pattern I have had is that it has occurred multiple times sending to one email address. This is also sending from a gmail account.

~muellerj 15 hours ago

I have experienced that problem twice as well. Re-writing the exact same email has worked in both cases. I don't have meaningful logs.

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