Email is empty when body is only a link

Occasionally when I send an email (from fastmail or gmail) from Aerc and the body of the email is only a URL, the email that gets sent is blank, without the URL. I haven't been able to consistently produce this, and I believe this occurs when #269 occurs, but I'm not sure.

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~alexwennerberg referenced this from #341 6 months ago

~alexwennerberg 6 months ago

See my message here

It seems as though, if there is content after the URL in the email, the URL is parsed as an email header. Not sure what the best way to fix this is, as a url is technically a valid email header

~alexwennerberg 5 months ago

Discussed on IRC -- not a bug / working as intended. Perhaps there's some way to improve usability if others encounter this issue? Like listing all the added headers on the confirmation page? Probably not necessary though

~labrat 5 months ago

We could probably warn if the body would be empty. Though I didn't look at the code (don't know if we only parse upon send, or upon exiting the editor). If we parse upon sending one would need to restructure the code and do the parsing prior to that if you want to be able to see such thing on the confirmation screen

~labrat REPORTED FIXED 3 months ago

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