Allow hiding folders in config

(Disclaimer that I'm new to aerc and contributing to projects in general)

Testing aerc with my work email (which is unfortunately O365). Some folders (namely Drafts and Calendar) cause the IMAP connection to close requiring a client restart. There are already issues for this (namely #58).

Considering that O365 makes a horrible mess of my email folders and wont let me delete most of them, it would be nice to have the ability to simply omit entire folders in config (possibly per account). Having aerc not even attempt to read those folders on top of just not displaying them would be very helpful too.

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~sircmpwn REPORTED INVALID 4 years ago

You can already do this: check man aerc-config and look at folders under accounts.conf.

~labrat 4 years ago

Technically that's only a whitelist, which can be annoying if you have a lot of folders.

Would you accept a patch that adds a blacklist feature?

Say !Drafts etc

~sircmpwn 4 years ago


~otheb 4 years ago

Oh [sic] yeah my bad. Spend x years saying "RTFM" to people and then your brain cell forgets you yourself should RTFM as well...

Great start to trying to contribute /s. I think I was just reading the nicely-commented default aerc.conf and was thinking it had all the options in it like with e.g. dunst. Maybe a # See 'man aerc-config' for all options at the top of the file would help?

Anyway I'll shut up now :) Thanks.

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