Search fails due to utf-8 encoded headers

Searching a mail directory fails with the following error: ''' 2019/11/19 08:41:06 could not get envelope: could not read from address: mail: unclosed angle-addr '''

Searching through, it seems like the problem is unicode normalization. Some From addresses are utf-8 encoded and net/mail package doesn't do unicode normalization.

It would great to implement unicode normalization from aerc's side. I would like to take a stab at this but I am unsure, I would need to make these changes. Would it be part of the search function of the worker as, the message viewer properly decodes the encoded addresses.

I use mbsync to sync my outlook IMAP server and use the maildir worker in aerc.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~srivathsan 2 years ago

I used the IMAP worker to test, the error doesn't occur. I think the error is specific to the maildir worker. Will dig a bit deeper on how to fix this.

~srivathsan REPORTED INVALID 2 years ago

Sorry turns out, It was due to some rogue mail that was failing. Not because of utf-8 encoding.

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