Umlauts in emails don't render properly

Umlauts in emails don't render properly.

Example: H<C3><A4>ll<C3>

instead of: Hällö

aerc version: master/ef4c2f61d8c599ac25b4f465ffa3bea9ca6ce1a3

$EDITOR is vim

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10 months ago
8 months ago

~benburwell 9 months ago

We're going to need more information here. In general, this should work correctly. Can you share a complete message (including headers) which reproduces this?

~bn4t 9 months ago

I managed to reproduce the bug: https://paste.sr.ht/%7Ebn4t/211fb696f6c33b4d14cecb67d792294de8d60c9c

The message is supposed to say:

Hällö Wörld

Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü

I replaced the sender email with "redacted" since it's a personal mail address.

So far I only managed to reproduce this using outlook. With other mail clients this doesn't seem to happen as far as I'm aware.

~bn4t 9 months ago

Sorry for the messed up formatting.

Message says:

Hällö Wörld

Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü

Would be nice if in the future it will be possible to edit comments.

~labrat 9 months ago

Which backend do you use ~bn4t?

I think I've found the bug at least for maildir / notmuch

~bn4t 9 months ago

I'm not sure. The default one.

How can I find this out?

~labrat 9 months ago

Well, in your accounts.conf you have a source url.

That tells you if it's imap (imap: / imaps:) or the other options (maildir:, notmuch:)

~bn4t 9 months ago

Ah, thanks. I use imap.

~labrat REPORTED FIXED 8 months ago

Fixed on master via the decoding patches

~bn4t 8 months ago

Thanks for fixing!

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