non-ascii directory names over imap fail to load

Aerc has problems with non-ascii directory names over imap.

Namely, a directory containing 'ü' at one provider works just fine.

A directory for another provider called Odeslané fails with aerc saying:

Mailbox delimiter must be a string

Offlineimap converts this name into Odeslan&AOE-.

Not sure how to provide more debugging info.

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~kontura a month ago

I think the problem is not with non-ascii names but rather in go-imap: https://github.com/emersion/go-imap/issues/329

(Odeslané sounds like something from seznam.cz)

~knezi a month ago

Yes, you're right. It is seznam.cz. Should we close this issue?

~labrat 3 days ago

no, let's keep it open to track the upstream bug

~knezi 3 days ago

Following discussion.

~knezi REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG 3 days ago

Following discussion.

~knezi NOT_OUR_BUG NOT_OUR_BUG 3 days ago

Following discussion.

~labrat NOT_OUR_BUG REPORTED 3 days ago

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