Add commands for manging the PGP keyring

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6 months ago
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~araspik 2 months ago

Some ideas:

  1. Interactive key import/export/delete Put every key on a separate line in a tmp file, and open an editor to it. The user can choose what to work with, kinda like git-rebase. Command names: :pgp-import-keys, :pgp-export-keys, :pgp-manage-keys (or similar) Alternatives / Aliases: :pgp-import, :pgp-export, :pgp-manage

  2. Option to pull keys from gpg directly Motivation: AFAIK gpg is the most common program for dealing with PGP keys. Could get key list from gpg and integrate with idea 1 Command name: :pgp-import --gpg (or similar)

  3. Select default key to use (per account) and store in config file Command name: :pgp-select-default or :pgp-select-default-key Could use a prompt with a numbered list of available keys to choose from

  4. Select key to use temporarily :pgp-select or :pgp-select-key Applies for signing/encrypting outgoing messages (which is not yet implemented)

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