outgoing: EOF in status after sending message

Hi! Using following config for outgoing message:

smtp-starttls = yes
outgoing = smtp+login://EMAIL_HERE:PASSWORD_HERE@smtp.office365.com

In status it can say Message sent. Or also it can say EOF with red color. In both cases it sends message successfully and receipent receives them.

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25 days ago
25 days ago

~alexwennerberg 25 days ago

I have also experienced this error -- I'm unable to find any pattern in it, however

~labrat 25 days ago

@~alexwennerberg please refrain from me too comments unless you actually have more information. As is, they provide no value

~alexwennerberg 25 days ago

~labrat In lieu of some sort of like or upvote, it seems there is no other way to indicate that an error is common, affecting many users, and thus possibly higher-priority. I can refrain from such comments though.

~labrat 25 days ago

And if everyone would do a me too comment on all issues you end up with hundreds of comments which are not actionable...

Debugging the issue is much more valuable, sending a patch is better.

The bug is known, issues aren't solved with a popularity contest but by people contributing code.

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