can't send mail from account that authenticates without domain name

I'm trying to send an email from an account where I had to sign in with just USER and not USER@mail.website. Because of this somewhat unusual login method, my from field is then missing my domain and refuses to send with this error: ParseAddress(config.From): mail: missing @ in addr-spec I've tried manually adding it in to the field since I'm able to edit it, but it still refuses to send with the same error.

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bdju@tilde.team a month ago

I closed aerc, edited the config and added the @domain bit to the from field. I was able to send the email after that.

~labrat a month ago

So it pretty much does the right thing then ;) How did you end up with the invalid from config entry? By using the wizard?

bdju@tilde.team a month ago

Yes, I went through the wizard, manually entered imap details and such since they weren't auto-filled, then wasn't able to send my test email without editing the config by hand. So, it's normal that you can't set the From field in your message? It lets me edit the text, it just didn't seem to work.

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