Forward all email parts

Currently when forwarding a message, only the plain text part can be easily forwarded.

Current steps to forward all attachments:

  1. cd into a folder you're willing to save your attachments to
  2. Download each attachment you want to forward
  3. Start forwarding the email
  4. Choose to attach a file
  5. Find your file in your folder. If you have a cluttered folder this may be painful.
  6. Loop back to 4 until you have all your attachments
  7. Send the email

I don't see any way to forward the HTML part of an email.

We should have an option to forward an email with all its attachments and parts, which would reduce steps to:

  1. Start forwarding the email using the appropriate option/command
  2. Remove any attachment you don't want to send (loop)
  3. Send the email

And since you probably want to forward all attachments anyway, you can just forward and send.

This could be mapped to the F key, f being used to forward without attachments.

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3 months ago
3 months ago

~crocmagnon 3 months ago

To clarify, when I said I'm able to forward the HTML part, I guess I'm mostly able to forward the text rendered version of the HTML.

~crocmagnon 3 months ago

I did more testing about the HTML forwarding and came to the conclusion that in fact we can't at all forward the HTML part of an email. I updated the ticket accordingly.

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