Dismiss Warning/Error After A Certain Period

Is there any way to have encountered errors in aerc be dismissed after a certain period?

For example, I use Hydroxide to connect to my Protonmail account. When I move anything to the Archive folder I get a red error message in aerc that says "The IDs is required". I'm aware that this is particular error is a fault of Hydroxide, not aerc. But the error message never goes away.

Is there anyway to have error messages be dismissed after a certain time period (say thirty seconds)? The red error message persisting through my aerc session after a single error being encountered is a bit annoying.

In my opinion, this would be helpful for all error messages as it's not like the error persisting for an extended period of time for any other issue would be helpful.

Sorry if this has been submitted already but I couldn't find anything that covered this topic.

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~labrat REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

patch already incoming

~heywoodlh 3 years ago

Wow, thanks for the quick response! Has it been merged already or still waiting?

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