for certain emails, html filter gets nothing, but :pipe is ok

The html filter script doesn't get any input for certain emails.

With the one that comes with aerc, the result is nothing out. I wrote an own text/html filter script (the clue of which i attach below) that runs the input through dd into a temp file and so it prints the status from dd and then prints whether the temp file is empty (and exits if so).

If i :pipe that same text/html to either of them it runs fine (although without a pager because i would have to add the pager to the script).

The clue of my script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
exec 3<&0
exec < /dev/tty
dd if=/dev/fd/3 of="$original" 2>&1 | >&2 tail -1
exec 3<&-
if [[ ! -s "$original" ]]
    >&2 echo "!!! welp, ht_ ain't got no bytes!"
    exit 1
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~labrat 2 months ago

what's your pager?

did you install the deps for the html filter provided with aerc?

what happens if you use cat as the filter?

~mkf 2 months ago

my pager is the default, less -R.

i once lacked the deps for html filter, but today i apparently no longer do lack them as it works for most emails and it works as :pipe for the same content that it doesn't work for as text/html= filter.

i am very sure that if i set cat to be the text/html filter the result will be that nothing will be output, since my script should be equivalent. but i will check, right now or in a few minutes.

~mkf 2 months ago

just as i thought, i can confirm setting cat to be the text/html filter resulted in nothing being output.

~labrat 2 months ago

what do you mean by "works for most emails"?

So only some html content isn't displayed, other html content works?

~mkf 2 months ago

yes, occasionally i am finding some emails for which i have to pipe the html to see it because the filter is given zero bytes of it

one such that i found on hand is a promotional email from DXcom (dealextreme) that i've been having on one account because they are quite bothersome to unsubscribe from.

in the past few minutes i have glanced through that email and i think there might be nothing sensitive in it, so now i am opening alpine with that account to see if bouncing the message to another account retains the issue. if so, i could bounce it somewhere else.

i can also consider agreeing to having it be made entirely public, after reassessing the certainty that there is nothing sensitive in it (some sensitive authorization tokens from DXcom, etc).

~labrat 2 months ago

bounce it to reto@labrat.space if you can reproduce the issue

~mkf 2 months ago

i have so far failed to bounce the messages because of faulty alpine configuration, but i piped the message out of alpine.

badDXraw is the message piped from alpine. badDXhtml is the html piped from aerc.


558a1d2f8325a4e1ece9c45c31d7a4069f298afc6805068a11d9758e586dd7df  badDXhtml
fea407b75383ced7adb2cdf24ecef4aedaa1df188a661d10281b80b7c2c78d48  badDXraw

Uploaded here: https://gist.github.com/mkf/04e59f633286bccd39bfc8245590b234

~mkf 2 months ago

I have observed that using alpine's Save functionality to save to another account has resulted in the issue happening on that email in that other account in aerc.

~mkf 2 months ago

I configured Thunderbird for the account, installed "Mail Redirect" addon, used it to bounce ("Redirect") the email to another account, reproduced the issue on that bounced email, and then "Redirected" it to you to the address you have given me.

~labrat 2 months ago

If you want to be on the bleeding edge apply the 2 patches from https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/patches/11774 That should fix your issue.

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